Get More iStock Credits for Less with a Promo Code

Looking for the cheapest price around for iStock stock imagery?  iStock is known for their diverse and high quality library, their well organized and streamlined search system, and their flexible pricing plans.  But the industry leader is not necessarily known for the best prices for their stock photography offerings.  However, with our exclusive 15% off promo code for 2015, you can get access to iStock’s high quality photography for a whole lot cheaper.  Here’s how the math breaks down for iStock’s per image and subscription services, with and without our exclusive promo code deal.

Saving on iStock Credit Packages

credit package istockphoto

credit package istockphoto

If you are a stock photo user that prefers per image download plans, iStock offers credit packages, allowing for access to their high quality imagery without a monthly subscription.  Without a promo code, iStock’s 3 credit package will cost you $33 dollars, for a per image price of $11.  But with our low volume 3 credit specific %10 off promo code, you can get your iStock photos on demand for just $29.70, breaking down to $9.90 per image.

If you need more images on demand, we offer an even higher discount on iStock’s larger credit bundles.  Without a promo code, iStock offers 18 credit packs for $170 dollars, for a per image fee of $9.44.  But with our 15% off code, you can get 18 credits for just $144.50.  That’s a per image cost of $8.02: savings that add up quick if you rely in iStock’s on demand purchasing system for your stock photo needs.  And our 15% off code applies to all credit packs of 18 images and large, so you can utilize savings no matter how many photos you need.

Saving on iStock Subscription Plans

iStock Subscription Plans

iStock Subscription Plans

Find yourself using a whole lot of stock photography very regularly?  For high volume users looking to save even bigger, iStock’s monthly subscription plan is a good option.  For annual subscriptions, iStock typically charges $166.58 per month for access to 750 image downloads, for a per image fee of just $.22.  But with our 15% off iStock promo code, you can get that same plan for just $141.59, or $.18 per image.

Whether you use iStock to download credit packs, or hope to subscribe to their annual packages, our iStock promo codes will save you a lot.  If you want more images for less, especially for iStock’s on-demand imagery, our 15% off promo codes are a great place to start.

The 4 Best Agencies to Find Cheap Stock Photos

When you include a photo in your blog post or article, you’ll engage more of viewers. Photos draw readers into your content and will engage them much more than words can alone.


Stock Photos are much less expensive than you thought!

But aren’t stock photos online expensive? Well, yes and no. You’ll be surprised at how affordable stock photos can be. There are ways to get access to high-quality stock photos at a great price and we’ll show you how. Since deals abound, there is no excuse why your business is falling behind the competition when it comes to using photos in your marketing materials. I just found this very nice list of cheap stock photos here and wrote the article below based on it. I found to be a great ressource for everything stock photo related.

On-Demand or Pay-as-You-Go Plan

When buying stock photos, you’ll find you usually have a choice between a subscription plan or an on demand pay-as-you-go plan. Choosing the best option for your business’s needs depends on how frequently your are planning to use stock photos. If you have a blog that posts one article per day or only one per week, you’ll find the best value is found in an on demand stock photo plan. If you are going to utilize a couple hundred stock photos each month a subscription plan will prove to be more affordable for your business.

Whenever you consider subscribing to a new online service or buying stock photos online, it’s a smart idea to look for specials and discount codes. Stock photo agencies often offer these to entice customers to join and you can get some extra savings if you spend a few minutes searching for the most up-to-date discounts.

There are a lot of stock photo agencies to choose from out there. If you’re looking for affordable stock photos, below are our top four agency suggestions where you will find lots of photo options and high-quality service.

1. Dollar Photo Club – The Cheapest

logo-dollarphotoclub-261X80One of the best deals out there for stock photos is Dollar Photo Club where photos are always just $1. With more than 26 million stock photos to choose from, it easy to see why so many people choose Dollar Photo Club when looking for affordable stock photos. Images are high-quality and you also can choose to use vector images.

To get involved, you must become a monthly subscriber. The lowest price is $10 per month and includes your choice of 10 stock photos plus $1 for every photo after 10. The VIP Member option costs $99 per year for 99 photos which turns out to be only $8.25 per month. That’s a great deal. VIP membership also includes extra bonuses great for businesses. Some benefits to being a Dollar Photo Club member include business-ready royalty free license photos and the rollover of your unused stock photos to the next billing cycle.

2. PhotoSpin – The most affordable for many stock photos

photospin_logoIf you need to use a lot of stock photos for your marketing materials, a great option for you is PhotoSpin [ ]. Offering millions of photos and vector images, PhotoSpin has a great annual plan for those needing hundreds of stock photos per month. Their Plus plan starts as low as $429 per year and you get a total of 6,000 photo for the whole year and if you do the math, that’s about thirteen cents a shot. If you want the option to get larger size photos you can subscribe to the Super Plus plan and pay $649 for the whole year and get access 500 photos per month. If you need even more photos than that, you’ll find even more options on their site.

3. 123RF – The second cheapest stock agency

123rfAnother affordable stock photo solution is using 123RF  to download on demand. Make sure you use this 123RF coupon code here to save some money upfront. Not only do you have millions of photos and vector images to choose from in their database, you will also have access to editorial images, EVO, TIFF, Footage, and Audio. The lowest price option costs $20 for 20 photos and goes up to $343 for 400 on demand stock photos.

4. DepositPhotos – The most affordable ones in terms of pictures/price

depositphotos-logo-1Another one of the cheapest stock photo agencies that you can choose from is DepositPhotos [ ]. This agency offers you the choice between a monthly and daily subscription plan as well as a per-photo option. Choosing the right plan for you depends on how often you need to use stock photos and how big your business is.

There is also a pay-as-you-go plan where you can get 50 stock photos for $50. That’s $1 a photo. This is the best deal for someone who doesn’t necessarily use a lot of photos every day or month. You can download them when you want and they last for up to a year.

If you want to drop me a message, you can contact me here.

Dollar Photo Club: My Review

All marketers recognize the importance of using an image in conjunction with content marketing. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is absolutely true in the world of marketing. Research supports the notion that people respond to images. Images inspire thought and emotion and can make the difference between a customer making a purchase and not making a purchase. Combining excellent content with an appropriate photo that accentuates the written content is the recipe for effective marketing. Now, where can you find a database with tons of photos for a reasonable price? One Dollar – thats the reason for the name: Dollar Photo Club.

What Is Dollar Photo Club?

Dollar Photo Club Logo SignDollar Photo Club (DPC) is an awesome resource for photos. I have found this review to be a great resource as well. This site advertises itself as a “dedicated photo bank for creative professionals”.  A photo bank represents a library with tons of searchable photos. DPC is based on the photo bank Fotolia. With Fotolia as its parent company, Dollar Photo Club has access to a photo bank of millions of images.

Just got the info via this video here that Dollar Photo Club seems to be closed for new members. This guy seems to have a alternative for it.

If you use DPC, you will never run out of images. Consider this: over 100,000 images are uploaded on a WEEKLY basis. This equates to millions of photos to choose from. With different styles, colors, and designs there is something for everyone. You can find virtually any photo to add a visual aid to your marketing.The photos available to choose from are of high quality and high resolution. DPC photos are available in three sizes; small, medium and XXL. The Royalty-free collection features the highest resolution files.

Usability of Dollar Photo Club

Dollar Photo Club is extremely user friendly. Their site is very easy to navigate and setting up a membership is equally as simple. Even cancelling your membership is simple; you don’t have to deal with any cancellation fees.

This site is designed to make the choosing of photos a seamless process. Contrary to other photo library sites, Dollar Photo Club boasts a simplified design. The search feature of Dollar Photo club offers consumers multiple choices of photo styles and content. There is also an extended search option that is very easy to use and helps to narrow down the content to find exactly what you are looking for. Another helpful feature of the file detail page is the ability to close the search page, and then reopen right where you left off.

Affordability of DPC

Keep in mind that Dollar Photo Club is a members-only club with a limited membership. Membership is limited to ensure DPC is able to provide the best service to the most passionate stock image users. Interested parties must submit an application to the Dollar Photo Club Review Committee. After the application is received, a review is conducted and a determination is made.

Dollar Photo Club is extremely reasonably priced. The licensing options are presented in a unique format that sets this site apart from its competitors. The site offers two membership options. The monthly membership fee is $10 per month. This includes 10 high resolution images on a monthly basis. Each additional image is $1 and the membership can be cancelled at any time. The annual VIP membership includes 99 high resolution image downloads for $99 per year. This means that you get 99 images per year. Again, all additional images are $1 and this membership can also be cancelled at any time. There is no limit on the amount of photos you can download. You can literally download as many images as you like, for $1 each. The price stays the same no matter how many images you purchase. If you purchase an image but don’t download it right away, your credits will not expire. They will carry on to the next month.

Dollar Photo club offers two licensing options. The stand license covers all commercial and editorial uses but limits print and merchandise products. The extended license offers unlimited print runs and merchandise products.

Dollar Photo Club Review Summary

It is no secret that images are extremely valuable in marketing. Use of photos brings more attention to your message. More attention equals more leads and essentially more business. Dollar Photo Club offers a big bang for your buck. At $1 per image you can’t beat the price of membership. With membership you have access to millions of high resolution images that can be found and utilized very simply. With a photo bank of over 25 million images the options are endless. There is huge potential to be creative and find images to complement all of your marketing. DPC prides itself on its variety, simplicity and exclusivity. If you’re looking for a stock photo resource, Dollar Photo Club should be at the top of your list.

PS: If you are into videos then check out this.

5 Advantages to Buy Stock Photos from Shutterstock (Plus Shutterstock Coupon Code!)

Shutterstock HomepageHigh quality photos have become an expectation of people online. They are more engaged when a beautiful stock photo greets them on a page. Taking a photo from your iPhone or other device doesn’t look as good as a stock photo from Shutterstock. Started by a photographer in 2003, Shutterstock has been the industry leader for over a decade and offers millions of photos to choose from all taken by professional photographers. Take advantage of Shutterstock with a Shutterstock Coupon Code here and begin reaping the benefits of high-quality stock photos on your online marketing materials.

1. Shutterstock Photos Look Professional

To break away from the pack of millions of websites and tons of competition online, your online presence has got to look professional. Your website needs to look crisp and be intuitive to use. It also needs to be appealing to the eye. By using stock photos on your blog posts and articles, you’ll stand out from the pack and get noticed.

2. Huge Selection of Photos

Shutterstock has over 30 million high-quality stock photos to choose from. The selection is by far one of the biggest ones on the web. You can find a photo related to anything you’re working on with the easy to use search function. Shutterstock also offers a free browse feature to make sure you can find what you want before you pay using the Shutterstock Coupon Code.

3. Shutterstock Offers Great Photo License Terms

The online stock photo service at Shutterstock offers an abundance of enhanced license choices with a limited selection of editorial licensed images. You are able to license the photo and use it in your online material. Also the Shutterstock standard license has many advantages over other stock photo agencies on the web and you’ll experience more freedom to do what you need to do.

4. Try Shutterstock at a Discount

You can now receive 7-10% off your Shutterstock service fee with this Shutterstock Coupon Code. The savings can last you up to a year. You can also browse Shutterstock for free to get started.

5. Shutterstock Offers Competitive Prices

At Shutterstock you can pay as you go or get a subscription.